5 Parts of the US that are Hiring

The recent recession has left job seekers on the search for the next boom. Not since the great depression have jobs been so hard to come by. Entire sections of the economy have collapsed and blown away, and countless jobseekers have either moved to regions with better prospects, gone back to college or both. There are places in the United States that have defied the recession and have either grown or continued job growth. Here is a list of 5 parts of the Us that are hiring.


Industry: Energy, government, services
Type of work: labor, government, infrastructure

Alaska thrives on the money from energy creation and the undying consumption of Oil and Natural gas. Many opportunities have opened up in local and state government as well as education. This is due to the expansion of the energy sector and the growing infrastructure that is required to facilitate the continued growth. Although hard to get to and it does not feature many of the amenities of other states, it has made great strides to modernize. The best part about the state, outside of the scenery and wildlife, is that the state has scene 20 straight years of job growth.

North Dakota

Industry: Energy
Type of work: services, labor, energy

North Dakota is similar to Alaska as far as scenery goes, and hasn’t been thought of as a job hot spot until the past year or so. There are opportunities in the services industry as more and more people migrate and fill up the area. There is a dearth in housing and there are many unfilled positions in a variety of sectors. New houses, apartment complexes are struggling to fill the needs that are rising and more opportunities in education and government are sure to follow.


Industries: Energy, services, technology
Type of work: Labor, services, management

Texas has been immune to most of the recession and has seen growth in hiring. Many of the jobs have been minimum wage; factory and service sector jobs and many of the jobs in Texas are lower paying than many states. Texas is a right to work state and therefore doesn’t offer union protection or rates, but there are jobs and opportunities in energy, technology and a growing entertainment industry.

New York

Industries: services, entertainment, education
Type of work: management, services, education

The Big Apple is expensive, but it is one of the places to be as far as jobs, nightlife and opportunities go. There are employment opportunities and many of the state’s universities as people have flocked back to school, and technology and services jobs are surprisingly plentiful.


Industries: Government, technology, military, education
Type of work: Management, executive, support government positions

The Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas are flush with government, military and high tech jobs. The Pentagon is in the vicinity and so are Lockheed Martin and Washington D.C. Add to the list many universities in the area and you have recipe for job growth and opportunities.