5 Tips for Earning a Promotion

Most people prefer to think that their employer will continue to offer them options for career growth. For most people, their job description explains what qualifications are needed, what the ceiling is in terms of growth and provides a cap on earnings. However, there are various methods available for those who wish to earn a promotion in their current job.

Take on additional responsibilities

One of the best options for career advancement is to take on additional responsibilities within the company. For some employees, this may mean searching for educational opportunities that can benefit the company. Employees may need to upgrade their computer skills, writing skills or leadership skills.

Reviewing career paths

Employees should carefully review company policies regarding promotion from within. Pay attention to how these promotions are handled. In some cases, employees will need to have additional education in order to be eligible for a better position. Many internal job openings, regardless of industry, are necessary jobs that can be filled by someone with some college training.

Be proactive and get noticed

Employees who are proactive about seeking out information and opportunities are likely to be noticed by employers. Employers are generally interested in an employee who does not consider their job a "passing fancy". Meet with supervisors and managers and ask what educational or work experience is needed to take the next step on your career path.

Understand the options

Many companies offer funding towards degree programs that will benefit your career and allow you to take on a new job. Find out what the company offers in terms of educational reimbursement and plan your educational course accordingly. Meeting with a supervisor or manager will help employees to determine which skills are most needed within the company. This will allow for a targeted approach to finding the best educational options for career advancement.

Pursue personal development

Employees should take advantage of internal and external educational options available to them. In some cases, employers hire someone for a specific job with the idea that the employee can eventually fill other roles. Those employees who take advantage of all educational options may find that they go further in their careers.

There is no hard and fast rule that guarantees that an employee can earn a promotion. However, those employees who are committed to career advancement should make sure they take advantage of all options available to them. The job market is highly competitive and those who invest in their own future by pursuing educational options will nearly always do better.