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Job Interview Tips

Going on a job interview can be a stressful situation to most individuals. You want the job that you are applying for, but you may be scared that you will say or do the wrong thing...
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Common Interview Questions

Most interviewers for a job position will use common interview questions when talking to you about the job you applied for with their company. Many times these questions are asked during a first interview as a means to weed out candidates. Being prepared will help you breeze through these basic questions...
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How to Dress for an Interview

You’ve done everything for the upcoming job interview; composed a winning resume, gotten past the telephone interview screening. Now, the big moment you have waited for, particularly your in-person interview but you failed to put much thought and preparation into making a great first impression...
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5 Interview Mistakes

Effective interviewing is a vital part of the job acquisition process, particularly when seeking a job in a down market. In many instances, the interview is the first time you will meet your potential employer face-to-face and, as such, is your only chance to make a first impression.
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Tips for a Phone Interview

A telephone interview often feels less threatening than a face-to-face job interview. To maximize your success in a phone interview, take advantage of the increased flexibility without neglecting proper etiquette or preparation. Do not give in to the temptation to treat the interview as a casual telephone conversation...
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