Job Interview Tips

Going on a job interview can be a stressful situation to most individuals. You want the job that you are applying for, but you may be scared that you will say or do the wrong thing.

A successful interview is dependent on many factors. You may dress inappropriately for the job and not realize it. You may offer too much information or not enough information thinking that it is not relevant. You may come across as being overly confident or not being confident enough.

There are measures that you can take that may either cut down or even eliminate some of the negativity of a job interview. First impressions mean a great deal. The way you present yourself does matter. Some great advice tips on having a successful job interview are as follows:

Appropriate Dress: This is dependent on the position that you are applying for. For a business position a man should wear a suit and tie. A woman can also wear a conservative suit with a stylish blouse and some jewelry. A strand of pearls and small earrings are best. Do not overdo it in the jewelry department. You do not want to wear anything that is too loud or flashy. For all other job positions a nice pair of slacks topped with a shirt or blouse is ideal. Do not wear jeans or sneakers to an interview. Be clean and neat. Your hair should be neatly in place. For women, less is more when considering makeup.

Be Prompt: It is very important that you arrive a bit early for your interview. Being five or ten minutes early for your interview is best. This will give you time to fill out any additional paperwork that your interviewer has for you, if needed. Being on time shows that you care about their time. It is considerate and shows the interviewer that if you are hired you will be on time for your future job. Be sure that your cell phone is turned off prior to arriving at your interview.

Be Prepared With Paperwork: A resume sums up a person’s work history. If you do not feel confident with your own technique when it comes to preparing a resume, consider having your resume professionally done by an expert. Be sure that your resume is appropriate for the position that you are applying for. You will want to list your job goals, the three most recent places of employment and pertinent education that you have acquired. When listing references be sure that they are references relating to your employment history. Do not list personal references, but rather business references. You may also put down, “references furnished upon request” and give those at a later date when asked. Have copies of diplomas and licenses (if applicable) available.

Be Confident: Introduce yourself to your interviewer and offer your hand. Wait until you are invited to be seated. Hold your head up and speak loudly and clearly. Do not mumble, but rather be articulate in your speech. Maintain good eye contact and be attentive. Be honest in your answers to the questions that you are asked. If you do not know something, let them know. Do not try to hide anything. This could come back to you in a negative way later on if you do. Ask questions about the job that you are applying for. Be flexible in your availability and your salary if you are able to. Say thank you for the interview upon completion. As you are exiting you will also want to thank the receptionist.

Follow Up: If you do not hear anything after a few days call and ask to speak to the person that interviewed you. Let them know that you are still very interested in the job position. At this point they will likely inform you that they are still reviewing people for the position or that they would like you to come back in for a second interview.